I am a New Jersey-based jewelry designer and artist. Every piece in my collection is meticulously handcrafted to be “perfectly imperfect.” I love unusual, unexpected curves and textures, and this aesthetic is reflected in all my designs.

All my artisan jewelry is handcrafted in my studio, where I also paint and step over snoring rescue dogs all day. I love to wander. It seems no matter how meticulously I plan and divine designs, a rebellious streak gets the best of me, encouraging me to wander off course and explore. This penchant to stray and play is at the very heart of all Mechele Anna Jewelry designs 


My work addresses contemporary themes and issues. Using a vibrant color palette and spontaneous strokes, I take an investigative approach to my oil paintings, exploring the jagged turbulence created by points of luminosity. My interest in the physics of turbulent flow is expressed as a recurring theme in all my paintings.

I'm influenced by Lucian Freud, Jenny Saville, Willem de Kooning, and my mentor, Grace Graupe Pillard. I'm also obsessed with the color rage and light play of Expressionists like Van Gogh and Munch.   


My jewelry and paintings, my relationships, my life, is flecked with elements of the unexpected. This is where I find my light. I believe this is where many of us find our real inspiration— when we break from the common, test rules, discover new truths.

Each piece of Mechele Anna Jewelry is unique. Each has it’s own beauty … and flaws. In an age of brand name mania, and media-constructed beauty, I believe it is this delicate combination that makes each piece unique. It is also the hallmark of handcrafted jewelry vs. mass manufactured pieces cut from a mold and sold en mass.


I live for jewelry, painting, creating. I also LOVE animals & been a passionate large dog rescuer for 10 years. I truly believe that we all make a difference.

My work is also inspired by the animals I love. Saving shelter dogs has been a cause near and dear to my heart. I devote a good portion of my time to Jersey-based dog rescue groups.